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All Things Trees is a leader in the local tree service industry. Since we opened our doors in 2009, our focus has been to provide excellent customer service and to maintain the utmost dedication to our client’s satisfaction.

With a combined 90 years of experience, we know trees like the back of our hands and cherish the opportunity to help create the outdoor living environment of your dreams. We understand that budgets are tight and work diligently to bridge that gap with our customers and help create a comprehensive plan to work towards that dream. Our primary goal is always to be upfront and honest with respect to our clients’ expectations and how we can best meet and maintain those.

To learn more about us or our services, don’t hesitate to call us at (832) 545-9877 and book a consultation today.

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All Things Trees Arborist Services
All Things Trees Arborist Services
All Things Trees Arborist Services

All Things Trees: Houston Born and Bred

A 3rd generation Houstonian, our founder Leroy Woolery grew up with the typical “See a need, fill it” mentality. In 2006, he purchased acreage in Montgomery County and began clearing the land of dead and structurally dangerous trees, leaving over 75 stumps in his wake. He could not find or employ a company to provide these services at a reasonable cost. Alternatively, the quality of the rental equipment necessary to complete the clearing himself proved to be unreliable. Hence, neither were a viable solution. In speaking with neighbors to try to get referrals, Leroy discovered there was a larger need for these services than just on his own property. So, he bought his first piece of equipment, a Toro Stump Grinder. After a little time and a steep learning curve, Leroy decided to start All Things Trees, originally LGW Service.

In the beginning, we only addressed stumps left over from other tree service companies or DIY homeowners. Over time, we’ve met other specialists in various areas of outdoor environment services and have continued to expand our team to provide a full suite of expertise to our community.

Local Arborist, Local Roots

We’re proud to be a local business serving the local area. Here at All Things Trees, we think of ourselves as more than contractors. We are community ambassadors, helping to build a better, healthier, and happier community for all. Our business is constantly evolving—constantly improving—but we never lose sight of that purpose. We remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community.

As arborists, we are a key cross-point between nature and society. We are environmental stewards, and we take our responsibility to the planet seriously. That’s why we use safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly methods to carry out all our services, including tree removal.

Whenever possible, we strive to salvage a tree before it reaches the point of no return. But when that isn’t feasible, we repurpose whatever we can, mulching the tree so that it can go back into the earth and fertilize new life. When transplanting a tree, we take every precaution to avoid disrupting any surrounding vegetation. After all, we want our services to be a benefit to everyone: not just our clientele, but also our community, and our local ecosystem.

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The Tree Expert Committed to Quality

Quality is our purpose. As arborists, we’re continually looking for ways to develop our services, hone our craft, and push the quality of our work to new bounds. Quality is the hallmark of our services: It’s what sets us apart from our competitors, and what makes us the area’s go-to choice for tree services.

That competitive edge is something we want to maintain. To do so, we use rigorous quality control systems specially developed to ensure our work meets the highest of industry standards. We may work fast, but that doesn’t mean we cut corners. Instead, we take every precaution necessary, mapping out every job so that our work is seamless, flawless, and second to none.

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We are the local arborist you can count on. We’ve helped countless clients get the service they need to keep their outdoor spaces in pristine condition—all while driving down their costs and ensuring their satisfaction. We know we can do the same for you. To get started or to learn more about us, be sure to contact us today.

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